Environmental Performance

NOVO air pollution control (APC) systems typically consist of a dry sorbent injection system with a fabric filter (DSI/FF). Dry sorbent is injected into the cooler combustion gases leaving the boiler economizer. The sorbent (typically dry lime) provides for the removal of a large portion of the acid gases (SO2 and HCl). Powdered activated carbon (PAC) is also injected at this point to remove heavy metals and dioxins/furans. The gases then pass through a fabric filter, which removes in excess of 99.99% of all particulates. The clean gas exiting the fabric filter is discharged to the stack, where the gases are then emitted at an elevated point in the atmosphere. Fly ash collected in the boiler and fabric filter hoppers is transported by conveyor to the main ash discharge conveyor.
 Novo's air pollution control systems have realized superior results.

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