AIREAL® Combustion Technology

The heart of a Novo waste-to-energy facility is the patented AIREAL® Combustion System*. The AIREAL® Combustion System represents the latest development for combustion systems in the industry. This state-of-the-art mass burn design does not require any fuel preparation and has no moving parts exposed to the combustion zone. Fuel (municipal solid waste or other biomass) is agitated and moved through the combustion zone via a patented pneumatic process. The AIREAL® system is typically designed and fabricated in standard size modules. Each module is shop fabricated and delivered to the facility site for final assembly. The AIREAL® system has very high combustion efficiencies, very low CO and NOx, allows for energy recovery and results in the lowest possible capital, operating and maintenance costs. It will also meet the most stringent emission standards currently proposed for municipal waste combustors. For waster-to-energy applications, waste volumes are typically reduced by at least 90% through the combustion process.
Novo Combustion Efficiency

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