About Novo Energy

Novo Energy provides state-of-the-art technology for solid fuel based renewable energy projects throughout the world.  The core technology is the patented Aireal® Combustion System (“ACS”), which is a revolutionary combustion technology that is lower in cost to install and maintain than conventional technologies, while improving plant efficiency ratings both operationally and environmentally.   The balance of the technology package consists of an energy recovery system and an exclusive license with Solios Industries for a proprietary European air pollution control technology which allows Novo to provide a total technology package to its clients who include project developers, constructors, institutions and governmental entities. 

The renewable energy project applications for Novo’s technology package include

    • Waste-to-Energy (“WTE”) – these projects convert household municipal solid waste without any pre-processing to energy in the form of steam or electricity. There are ten commercial ACS units operating in five separate WTE facilities in the U.S. and dozens of Solios based air pollution control systems installed throughout Europe and North America.  Every project has easily complied with the most stringent modern European and U.S. emission standards.
    • Biomass – these projects convert waste wood, animal wastes, agricultural residue and other biomass material to energy in the form of steam or electricity. The Aireal® Combustion System was originally developed in a program with the U.S. Department of Energy using biomass fuel in a pilot project located in northern Colorado during the mid 90’s.
Novo Energy